Selecting a Topic/Construction Inquiry


    1. You are learning about World War II in your social studies class.  Your teacher has asked you to create a PowerPoint about the participation of the United States in this war.  Which subtopic should be included in your PowerPoint?
    A. The date the United States entered the war
    B. The number of people held in concentration camps
    C. The purpose of the French Resistance
    D. The number of German soldiers killed


    2. You have been asked to refine your research topic.  Place this list of possible topics in order from broadest to narrowest.
    A. Reptiles, lizards, animals, vertebrates
    B. Lizards, reptiles, animals, vertebrates
    C. Animals, vertebrates, reptiles, lizards
    D. Vertebrates, animals, lizards, reptiles

    3. You are asked to write a report about the life of Benjamin E. Mays.  You need a list of questions to guide your research.  Choose the question below that would be least helpful.
    A. When did Benjamin E. Mays live?
    B. Why was Benjamin E. Mays important to the Civil Rights movement?
    C. Where did Benjamin E. Mays work and what was his occupation?
    D. Where is Benjamin E. Mays buried?

    4. You have been studying earthquakes in science class.  You would like to know what chance there is that an earthquake would occur in Greenwood.  Which question would be the most helpful in guiding your research?
    A. How many earthquakes have occurred in South Carolina this year?
    B. What is the worst earthquake to ever occur in South Carolina?
    C. How much damage would an earthquake create?
    D. Where are the fault systems and zones located in South Carolina?

Last Modified on September 19, 2012