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    Projects are totally awesome! I will post pics as soon as possible. 


    We will continue with problem solving with percentages next week moving into percent increase and percent decrease. We should be ready for a quiz by Wednesday. 


    Direct Variation Project is due this Friday, Oct. 11. 


    We are reviewing what we learned in sixth grade about percents, and then focusing on finding a method to solve percent problems. We will focus heavily on problem solving with percents.


    We will have our test on Ch 2 Tuesday.


    Picture Day is Monday!! SMILE!!


    We have a projected test on Ch 2 scheduled for Friday, September 27. 


    Please ask your student about the Kool-Aid activity to help understand proportional reasoning! Hopefully, I will be posting pics soon! Sorry 4th period, but I got so involved and enjoyed observing your activity so much that I forgot to take pics!



    We are continuing our study of proportional reasoning with Chapter 2.

    Our standards are:

    Identify and model proportional relationships given multiple representations, including tables, graphs, equations, diagrams, verbal descriptions, and real-world situations.
    a. Determine when two quantities are in a proportional relationship.
    b. Recognize or compute the constant of proportionality.
    c. Understand that the constant of proportionality is the unit rate.
    d. Use equations to model proportional relationships.
    e. Investigate the graph of a proportional relationship and explain the meaning of specific points (e.g.., origin, unit rate) in the context of the situation.
    We are really emphasizing the constant of proportionality.