Each student will be issued a tardy card which must be worn at all times with the ID badge.  The tardy card will have the numbers 1 – 6 at the bottom. Defacing a tardy card in any way will be considered the same as defacing an ID badge and will receive the same consequences.  At the end of each semester, all students who have an intact tardy card will be invited to a No Tardy Party.  Teachers will record all tardies in Powerschool.

    Each time a student is tardy to class, the teacher will punch one of the numbers and record the tardy in Powerschool.  On the 6th tardy, the teacher will punch the #6 and confiscate the tardy card. Any future tardies will result in a discipline referral.


    • 1st referral-  Conference
    • 2nd referral-  After School Detention (ASD)
    • 3rd referral-  In School Suspension (ISS/BIC)
    • 4th referral- Out of School Suspension (OSS)


    Tardy referrals beyond four will result in additional suspensions and intervention meetings.  Each semester, the student is issued a new tardy card.  

    If a student loses the tardy card, every tardy will result in a discipline referral.  No new tardy cards will be issued for lost cards.

Last Modified on July 15, 2019