During safety drills, students should follow all staff instructions without question.  Students caught tampering with the fire alarm system are subject to expulsion.

    During a fire drill, students will follow the teacher’s directions and proceed quickly and quietly to the location instructed by school personnel.  Students must remain with their teachers until the signal is given to return to the classroom.

    During a tornado drill, assume a duck-and-cover position on an interior wall away from glass or machinery.  Remain in this position until further instructions are given by the teacher/administrator.

    During an earthquake drill, assume a duck-and-cover position.  The buildings will be evacuated if directed by the school administrator.

    During an intruder drill, students will get out of sight from all doors and windows, remain silent, and motionless.  Follow the directives of the teacher/administrator.

    In the event of all other emergency situations, it is important to remain calm and follow the directives of the teacher/administrator.


Last Modified on July 15, 2019