Parking passes are required of all students who drive a car on campus.  To obtain a parking pass, students must present to the bookkeeper a valid driver’s license, schedule, proper fee, and a completed permission form.  The student must have also successfully completed the Alive at 25 Course.  The pass must hang from the rear view mirror.  A student may not borrow another student’s parking pass. All fees must be paid in full before a parking pass may be purchased.  Parking passes are $15 per pass and non-transferrable.  

    Failure to adhere to parking regulations will result in the vehicle being towed at owner's expense and/or loss of driving privileges.

    Students who fail to purchase a parking pass and drive on campus will face the following consequences:

    • First Offense 2 OSS Days
    • Second Offense 4 OSS Days
    • Third Offense 5 OSS Days

    Greenwood High School will not be held responsible for theft of contents, theft of vehicle, damage to any vehicle or contents while the vehicle is on campus.

    Students may not transport other students to and from campus during the school day without an approved transportation permission form.

    Once a car is on campus, it may be searched at any time.  Students are responsible for the contents in their cars.

    Reckless driving will NOT be tolerated on campus.

    If a student has to drive another vehicle to school that was not listed on the initial parking pass form, they must notify the School Bookkeeper.

    Greenwood School District 50 has stated that only students with administrative approval may drive off campus to Emerald or the Technology Center.  All other students must ride a bus. Rules and Regulations for Drivers/Riders are on the application form. This form must be approved by the principal.

Last Modified on July 15, 2019