• ID Badge Procedures
    All students and employees must wear a current-year ID badge during school.  ID badges must be worn around the neck on the provided lanyard. If the ID badge is lost or forgotten an additional ID badge must be purchased for $5.00. If a student does not have the money to pay for an ID, then it will be charged to his/her account. All fees must be paid by the end of each nine-weeks grading period.

    GHS students are required to wear their GHS ID badges while attending classes at the G. Frank Russell Technology Center, Emerald High School, Genesis, Lander and Piedmont Technical College.

    If a teacher has a student reporting to class without an ID badge, the teacher will email the Front Office Receptionist to obtain a new ID badge. Students will be required to pay for every extra ID.

    Students who receive a referral for not wearing their ID badge will receive the following consequences:

    • 1st offense Warning
    • 2nd offense After School Detention
    • 3rd offense In School Suspension (ISS); Parent Conference
    • 4th offense Out of School Suspension (OSS); Parent Conference

    Offenses beyond five will result in additional suspensions and intervention meetings.

    Students who deface an ID badge will be required to purchase a new ID badge.  A defaced ID badge is any badge on which the picture, ID#, year, barcode or status has been changed, altered, or obstructed.

    Any student who wears another student’s ID badge will be disciplined according to the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook. Students are to wear only one badge which must be for the current year.

    Students who fail to give correct identification will be disciplined according to the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

    The students legal name that is in Powerschool will be printed on the school I.D.

Last Modified on July 15, 2019