The following dress code applies to all schools in Greenwood School District 50.  Inappropriate and impermissible student attire includes, but is not limited to, the following:  (See the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook for further information.)

    1. Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, tobacco, racial slurs/epithets, sexual suggestion/insinuation or inappropriate language is prohibited.
    2. Halter-tops, tank tops, and see-through clothing are prohibited.
    3. Shorts, mini skirts and culottes-type clothing are allowed in grades 5-12 with the following restrictions:
      1. Said garments may not be made of clinging material, such as but not limited to biker shorts and pants, surfer pants, form fitting knit material, etc.
      2. All garments should be of appropriate length, as determined by the school principal.
    1. Hats/bandannas will not be worn on school grounds.

    Greenwood High School has expanded and clarified this district policy as follows:

    1. No holes, rips, or tears in clothing above the knee level.
    2. All pants will be worn above the hips.  Zip ties may be provided to all students wearing pants below the hips.
    3. Skirts and dresses should extend to the top of the knee.
    4. Shorts must extend to at least 2 inches above the top of the knee.
    5. No head coverings, including hoods, caps, hats, wraps, and sunglasses will be worn inside the building from 7:00 am through 4:30 pm. (unless for documented religious purposes)
    6. Shoes are to be worn at all times.  Bedroom slippers are NOT allowed.
    7. Shirts must be worn at all times.  Tank tops, spaghetti strapped tops, one shoulder tops, or off the shoulder tops are not to be worn on campus.
    8. No undergarments should be visible at any time.
    9. Sheer or see through tights/leggings are not allowed unless a top is worn over them to the knee level.
    10. Coveralls and pajamas are not allowed to be worn on campus.
    11. Chains and/or animal tails suspended from clothing are not allowed.
    12. No clothing that exposes stomach, back, or sides.
    13. Clothing or jewelry depicting weapons or illegal drugs are not allowed.


    Administrators make the final judgment on appropriateness of any student’s dress and reserve the right to prohibit any clothing/accessory disruptive to their school.


Last Modified on July 14, 2019