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    Why is Parent Portal important?

    It is HIGHLY important that you sign-up for Parent Portal. You are allowed to sign up for Parent Portal at any time throughout the year. Parent Portal gives you up-to-date information on your child's performance in every class. I try to grade all assignments in a timely manner and put them in PowerTeacher so that they're averages are as current as possible. All teachers at Brewer highly recommend that you join Parent Portal.


    remind app

    Remind App Website

    Remind Website Home (click on link)

    Why is it important to have the Remind app? 

    The Remind app is a highly useful tool in reminding students and parents of upcoming events and announcements. I use the remind app to send reminders about upcoming classroom events (i.e. upcoming assignments due, quiz dates, test dates, etc.). I would recommend that when signing up, that both you and your child sign up for this service, just please indicate which one is the parent and which child is yours. I will also use this as a form of communication between myself and the parent. It is a quick way to let you know of an incident or behavior occurances as soon as possible, instead of waiting after school. 


    Each class period has a specific code to join, so they are enrolled in their assigned class period. Please sign up for Remind using the class code:

    **Please be sure to put your first and last name and your child's name in parenthesis**

    1st Period (Core 1): 

        Internet: httpL//rmd.at/mgmath1st

        Phone: text @mgmath1st to 81010

    2nd Period (Core 2): 

        Internet: http://rmd.at/mgmath2nd

        Phone: text @mgmath2nd to 81010

    4th Period (Core 3): 

        Internet: http://rmd.at/mgmath4th

        Phone: text @mgmath4th to 81010

    6th Period (Core 4): 

        Internet: http://rmd.at/mgmath6th

        Phone: text @mgmath6th to 81010

    7th Period (Core 5): 

         Internet: http://rmd.at/mgmath7th 

         Phone: text @mgmath7th to 81010