Students who fail to follow these procedures are committing a disciplinary offense.  Please read your Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook for additional information.


    • Suspensions are counted as absences.
    • Attendance is critical to success in high school. By district policy, a student may not have more than 8 absences in a 90 day class in order to be considered for credit. Students are required to continue attending classes if a credit has been denied. Students who lose credit in a course due to excessive absences will receive a grade of FA, Failure due to Attendance, with a value of 51 on the Uniform Grading Scale.
    • If a student is more than 10 minutes late for class or is dismissed with more than 10 minutes remaining in class, the student is counted absent.


    The first day a student is absent, a parent or guardian should notify the Attendance Office at 941-5603.

    • The student is responsible for making up all work during an absence.  Upon request for extended lawful absences, the guidance clerk will arrange for assignments to be sent home.  Please allow 2 days for such requests.
    • Absences due to medical conditions, court appearances, or bereavement are approved by the principal at the time of the occurrence and at the end of each semester.  Upon returning to school, the student must submit the proper documentation to the Attendance Office. Proper documentation includes a doctor’s note, court documents, bereavement documents, or parental notes.  Even though an absence is excused, it is counted as an absence. A grade of FA equaling a 51 is given to all students who exceed the absences per class despite their academic average in that class.

    Dismissal Requests

    Dismissal requests must be given to the attendance clerk before 8:15 am.

    • Each dismissal request should include the student’s legal name, the reason for the dismissal, a current daytime phone number and signature of the parent or guardian.  Upon returning to campus the student must report to the attendance office and submit proper documentation.
    • In order to avoid unnecessary interruptions, dismissals should coincide with the end of the class period.  STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE CLASS OR SCHOOL DURING EXAMINATION PERIODS.
    • Students being dismissed must report to the attendance office and check out using monitoring system prior to departure.

    Procedure for Late Arrival

    Any student arriving on campus after 8:30 am must sign in at the Attendance Office.  A parent will be contacted at that time.

Last Modified on July 14, 2019