• Art FOCUS classes will have the same grading procedures for both 7th and 8th grade classes and are as follows:
    Quizzes (20%)
    Projects (50%)
    Weekly Grades (20%)
    Homework (10%)
    Quizzes generally test for knowledge of the units' vocabulary terms. I use the same rubric for grading every project and there is a copy on the classroom bulletin board for reference. Every Monday students are given a sketchbook assignment for homework, Students have all week to complete the assignment and are due by the end of class each Friday. The sketchbook rubric should be glued inside each student's sketchbook, Each weekly grade is based off of the following components:
    5 points (a day) for work ethic
    5 points (a day) for Actor's Toolbox (controlling body and voice and using imagination, cooperation, and collaboration) 
    5 points (a day) for being on task
    5 points (a day) for being prepared and ready for class 
    Art Rotation classes do not have homework and the break down for their grades are as follows:
    Quizzes (30%)
    Projects (50%)
    Weekly Grades (20%)