• Homecoming Week 2019
    October 7 - 11

    The Eagles of Greenwood High School have had a great week showing their school spirit and creativity. Homecoming at GHS is a great, unique 34 year tradition where each class has four hours to decorate the courtyard in their chosen theme and one hour the next day to take it down. Many former students remember getting ready for Homecoming and the time spent with their classmates as some of the best memories of high school.

    A very big thank-you to the teachers and parents who volunteered their time, homes and businesses for the classes to use:  Harris Baptist church, the city of Hodges, Uptown Senior, and the Whitt, George, Gilmer and Self families. Thank you for being brave enough to let a bunch of teenagers show up and paint at your place!

    Freshmen 51 was a spoof of Area 51 with green aliens, silver Martians and UFOs invading the courtyard on Monday. The class did a great job considering the late start freshmen always get.

    “Surfing Sophomores” starred the tenth graders on Tuesday with a lifeguard keeping an eye on the courtyard that was decorated with palm trees and a tiki hut.

    Juniors showed up with style and music with their “Junior-chilla” theme. Astroman, a ferris wheel and a tunnel were part of their decorations on Wednesday.

    The seniors had the theme of “Rapping Up High School” on Thursday featuring a history of rap music. A 3-D Travis Scott head graced the stairwell along with an old school boom box and speakers in the courtyard.

    It is a privilege for Greenwood High school to donate almost 1300 cans to a local food bank. The Junior class collected the most cans with 641 items. Way to go Juniors! The community service component is 25% of the Homecoming competition.

    There were 400 possible points in this year’s competition with points being awarded in creativity, school spirit, community service, clean-up and t-shirt design.


    And the results of the class competition were:

    3rd Runner up  -- with 210 points is the Sophomore class.      

    2nd Runner up – with 261 points is the Junior class. 

    1st Runner up—with 356 points are the new kids on the block, the Freshmen Class.

    And the winning class of Homecoming 2019 for the THIRD YEAR in a row was the Senior class with 371 points. 

Last Modified on October 15, 2019