2019 - 2020 SGA OFFICERS
    Student Body Officers
    Connor Pederson
    Vice-President: Eliza Nix
    Secretary/Treasurer: Anna Baker
    Senior Class Officers
    President: Caroline George
    Vice-President: Emma Sargent
    Secretary: India Rice
    Treasurer: Bennett Charles
    Representatives: Creighton Bowen
    Trevor Brewington
    Andrew Polatty
    Rose Whitt
    Junior Class Officers
    Co - Presidents: Cadan Holder and Bradford McCaslan
    Vice-President: Adam Clinemyer
    Secretary: Ellie Dubose
    Treasurer: William Leonard
    Ben Maynard
    Grant Reagin
    Jearim Vargas
    Sophomore Class Officers
    President: Drew Geoly
    Vice-President: Neely Nix
    Co - Secretaries: Alayshia Cain and Libby Hartung
    Treasurer: Katherine Taylor
    Representatives: Anna Laurel George
    Peter Russell
    Dru Strickland
    Freshman Class Officers  to be voted on in the fall of 2019

    SPONSORS - Delaine Dimsdale,  Kathy Johnson, John "Doc" Morris, Louise Sligh and Wendi Wimmer 

    All classes elect two representatives. A third one is chosen from those who ran for a class office but were not successful. Other representatives are club representatives. Every club and group at GHS is allowed one representative. Those are listed by the class of which they are a member.