Dear Parents and Friends,

                    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I am looking forward to a great year.   2nd grade truly is a bridging year as we reinforce and refine the skills introduced in 1st grade while we prepare for 3rd grade.  Your child will learn many new things this year.  Together we can make this learning experience a wonderful adventure. I am excited about working with you and your child!

    I have two goals this year:
    Each child will develop control of his/her own behavior.
    Each child will be academically ready for 3rd grade.

    Your child will bring home a S.O.A.R. notebook with an assignment packet each Monday-Thursday.  Assigned homework typically takes no more than 30 minutes and provides an opportunity for positive parent-child interaction.  It also allows parents to be a part of their child’s school day.   Agendas and “Homework packet” must be returned daily along with the completed homework.  BE SURE TO LOOK AT AND SIGN YOUR CHILD’S HOMEWORK EVERY NIGHT! Your child will bring home a completed work packet about every two weeks. This packet will include work, quizzes, and tests that were completed during that time.  Please review all work with your child, sign the attached note, and then return them to school the next day.  This process will enable you to know how well your child is doing in class.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Language Arts
    The language arts program I use is a child centered approach that will include Literacy Workstations, Guided Reading, Reader’s, and Writer’s Workshop. I will be following the district curriculum map and the South Carolina College and Career ELA Standards. Each child should be reading at least 15-20 minutes every night at home with an adult. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with your child on reading, fluency, and comprehension skills. Nightly reading charts will be graded.  The grade will be based on all aspects of the sheet being filled out completely.  A fully completed sheet will be worth 25 points towards your child’s LA grade.

    This year students will gain a deeper understanding of math concepts based on a Guided Math Workshop Model, the district curriculum map, and the South Carolina College and Career Math Standards.  We encourage each child to continue memorizing basic math facts up to 18. Each day we will have a simple 5-10 point quiz about what we learned the previous day.

    In order to have a positive learning environment for all children we expect everyone to be respectful and follow school rules.  Our primary concern is establishing boundaries and creating a safe and happy atmosphere in which to learn.

    Classroom rules:
    I will. . .
    1.  Show respect for others

    2.  Show respect for self
    3.  Show respect for our environment

    We will be using a daily clip chart in our classroom. There is more information about the clip chart in the side bar on the left hand of the screen.  Students will also have the opportunity to earn Balloon Bucks and Class Dojo Points for following our school and class expectations.

    It is very important that all students attend school regularly and arrive on time each day.  However, we understand circumstances occur that may require a student to be absent from school.  Please be aware that your child’s absence will be considered “unexcused” unless a written note is submitted to the office within 3 days of the absence.  Although we do appreciate a phone call or e-mail informing us of the absence, it is not a substitute for a written note.  I have created some home to school notes for your use.


    Parents are welcome to join their child at lunch.  Please let the teacher know so he/she can give the cafeteria staff notice. You must get a visitors pass from the office before meeting us outside of the lunchroom. It is school policy that parents leave as their child lines up to return to the classroom.

    Birthday invitations may only be passed out at school if every child in the class is invited.  You may send a birthday treat for your child to share but please have the date approved by the teacher prior to sending it.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated in May.

    You will receive an interim report each nine weeks.  At the end of first nine weeks we will have a parent teacher conference where we spend time discussing your child’s social and academic progress. A letter will be sent home for you to pick a time and day for parent/teacher conference.  There may be other conferences throughout the year as needed.  You may request a conference at any time.

    Please let me know if there are any dramatic changes (death, divorce, etc.) in your child’s life as this may affect his/her performance in school.

    Also let me know if I can assist you in any way.  I am available for conferences each day, during our related arts time or after school except Tuesday afternoons. 

    Thank you for working with me to give your child the best year possible!

    Mr. Gossett


Last Modified on March 21, 2020