• Classroom Procedures:


    1.  Students will line up along the wall outside of the gymnasium.

    2. Students will enter the locker room and gymnasium in an orderly manner

    3.  When entering the gymnasium, go to your assigned area to await instructions.


    Classroom Rules:

    1.  RESPECT yourself, others and the equipment.

    2.  Students must participate. 

    3.  Students are required to "dress out" in appropriate physical education attire.  (tee shirt, sweat shirt, shorts, and/or sweat pants and tennis shoes).

    4.  Items such as book bags and purses are not allowed in the gymnasium.  Leave them in lockers for safe keeping.

    5.  Eating or drinking is not  allowed in the gymnasium or locker room.  Chewing gum is not allowed.

    6.  Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook will be followed.


    Class Content:

    Physical Education class will consist of various physical activities, discussion of Health/Nutrition related topics.  The FitnessGram assessment will be used to assess students physical capabilities.  




    Grades will be based on participation,  FitnessGram Assessment and written tests.  Failure to dress out and/or participate will result in immediate grade redution.  

    Assessment = 20% of total grade

    Classwork/Daily grades/participation = 80% of total grade


    Contact Information:

    941-5500 X 6713


Last Modified on August 29, 2016