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    January News
    & STEMS
    JANUARY 24
    Birthday Lunch
    and Treat Shop
    January 24 
    ACCESS Testing Begins
    for English Language Learners
    Soy bilingue ¿Cuál es tu superpoder?
    January 27
    February News
    Early Release Day
    February 5
    Students will be dismissed at 11:30am. Please plan accordingly.
    11:30am Dismissal for Students
    President's Day
    No School
    For Students
    Can you name the Presidents of the United States on Mount Rushmore?
    February 17
    Early Release Day
    February 26
    Students will be dismissed at 11:30am. Please plan accordingly.
    11:30am Dismissal for Students
    February 29
    It only happens once every 4 years, so make this LEAP DAY a good one by doing something special for someone else!

    What is a Leap Year?

    Fun Leap Year

    Facts for Kids

    • Leap Day is held on February 29th.
    • During a Leap Year there are 366 days in the year instead of 365.
    • Why do we have a Leap Year?  If has to do with the Earth and the Sun.
    • It takes the Earth 365 days to make a complete orbit around the Sun.  We call this a solar year.
    • The solar year is supposed to line up with our calendar (we use the Gregorian calendar) year,
    • but without the leap year it won’t. Why?
    • It actually takes the earth 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds to complete the orbit around the sun.
    • That extra time it takes for the Earth to complete its orbit adds up.
    • So every 4 years an extra day is added so that the solar year will stay in line with our calendar year.
    • Even with the extra day added every 4 years the calendar is still off by 11 minutes and 14 seconds.

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    Check this section of the website for health

    and wellness updates from Nurse Morgan.

    We love our students and want to do all that we can to keep them healthy.


    How do I know when to keep my child at home

    or send my child to school?

    Sometimes it's a tough decision. This chart will help!

    Please call Nurse Morgan at 864-941-5580

    if you have questions.


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  • Terrific Kids for December, 2019

    A happy group of Terrific Kid award winners!

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  • 2019 Canned Food Drive

    Thanks to the generosity of Pinecrest students and families, our 2019 Canned Food Drive was a big success!

    Boxes and bags of donated food!

    The Pinecrest Student Lighthouse Team assisted our Student Support Facilitator, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, in collecting all of the donated items.

    Student Lighthouse Team members with the donated food items.

    Way to go, Pinecrest! Thank you for your donations to our community!

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  • TLIM graphic

    Pinecrest Students and Families--

    Want to learn more about The Leader In Me as we sail through Year 4 of this great program? Click here to see the helpful two page guide for parents and students. 


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  • Social-Emotional terms Heart Brain Connection







    Did you know that The Leader in Me (TLIM) is known worldwide as an excellent framework for growth in social-emotional learning? Click here to learn how TLIM aligns with social-emotional learning standards and how our students are benefitting from this heart-brain connection. 


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