Education & Training
Course Description:
Did a teacher ever help you solve a tough problem or for the first time make the learning process relevant to your life?  If you’ve had such an experience, you know the power this profession has to make a difference. Great teachers understand that life is an adventure and know how to use learning to put students in the middle of the action.
Teachers not only help young people learn to read, write, and solve math problems, but also to give them tools they can use throughout their lives to reach their own dreams. There are as many kinds of teachers as there are subjects in the realm of knowledge. You can teach students how to play basketball, write poems, or bake a turkey. You can also work with students outside the classroom in ways that support learning. Principals, counselors, librarians, specialists in language problems, and other professionals all work in schools to help students make the most of their education.

The great news is that employment opportunities abound in education. Experts predict that over the next 10 years the nation will need 2.2 to 2.4 million teachers. In South Carolina that means there will be openings for 30,000 to 40,000 teachers in the state’s elementary, middle, and high schools.

Opportunities in South Carolina are greatest for teachers of certain subjects— mathematics, science, and special education, among others. Teachers are also in great demand in a number of rural South Carolina school districts.

South Carolina is working hard to recruit teachers, and that makes it easier for prospective teachers to get the education and experience they need.

South Carolina’s Teacher Cadets programs introduce high school students to the profession, andm the Teaching Fellows and Teacher Loan Cancellation programs help future teachers pay for their education. Teaching requires patience, mastery of basic knowledge, and the ability to motivate students. If you have those qualities and want to be responsible in molding our future generations, then the field of Education and Training is for you. Get in the driver’s seat and find a route to success that best suits your talents and interests.
Last Modified on September 11, 2008