Risinger, Jenny - STEMS 6th,7th,8th/Science



2—Somewhat meets requirement

1  Needs improvement

Research paper



Uses more that 7 cited sources and vividly explains the need for the invention as well as uses evidence supported by data.

Paper can be explained by student and is referenced in presentation and backboard.

I inch margins, double spaced, 4 or more pages.
The last 2 pages explain your design/thought process and how you checked for originality.


Uses 5 cited sources.  The need is explained but could use more detail and explanation.

Paper is referenced but not elaborated on in presentation and backboard.

Paper is not well written or does not really support the need for the invention.

Grammar Overall

Grammar both spoken and written in paper, presentation, and backboard is correct.

A few grammar mistakes are present in paper, presentation, or backboard

Grammar mistakes are evident in presentation, backboard, and/or paper.


Invention is a new idea, creative, well thought out, well put together and addresses a real need as justified in paper.

Invention is somewhat creative but very simple for grade level and ability and addresses a problem

Invention is not creative or well put together.  Not a lot of thought and/or work went into planning, creating, or designing invention.


Backboard is well put together, creative, neat, easy to read, unique and contains all parts including pictures and design process

Backboard contains necessary parts to explain invention

Backboard is not well put together and is not creative and/or neat

Design process

All steps of technological design are evident on backboard, in paper, and in presentation.  It is evident the design process was used and can be explained by inventor.

Technological processes are used, but not all processes are well used or explained.

Technological design process is missing steps or steps are incorrect or incomplete.


Presentation is clear, loud enough for all to hear, planned, explains project. Presenter really is knowledgeable about the need, process, and invention.   Presenter is prepared to answer questions and uses evidence from paper to defend answers.

Presentation is somewhat clear.  Presenter can somewhat explain project, elaborate ideas or answer questions.

Presenter is not prepared, not clear, and/or does not field questions with knowledgeable responses.









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